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From the first intake session, I strive to build a therapeutic alliance in a supportive and exploratory setting. Individual therapy allows room to explore one's feelings, work through life challenges, identify aspects of yourself and situations you wish to change, and assist in setting goals to work toward these changes. Working with clients in a person-centred approach means that sessions are tailored to you, so safety and trust can be built at an appropriate and reasonable pace. Reaching out for help isn't always an easy task; it's a first step. 


Addiction can take on many forms and can be experienced with both substances (drugs and alcohol), and behaviours (such as gambling or sex). Typically, addiction involves repeating an activity despite the problems or negative consequences that it has in your life. I work with clients to assess their strengths, problem areas, severity of dependence and readiness to change. Battling an addiction alone can leave you feeling hopeless and backed into a dark corner. Whether you're struggling in silence, or have a family member that you're concerned about - I can help.  


Grief is not something we are meant to simply just "get over", but rather an experience that our life grows around. Healthy grief isn't passive - it is the normal response to loss, whether it is a loved one, career, a pet, your health, or a relationship. It is important to be able to express any emotions that surface, as well as explore ways of coping with the loss. There is always a primary loss, but it's important to look at where the accompanying losses reside and the effects they have on your life. There is no "one way" to grieve and every individuals experiences are unique and more importantly, valid. Sometimes it takes expressing your emotions around a loss to allow it to feel integrated into your new normal. Together we can navigate what is possibly holding you back and allow space to give voice to the words and emotions that are sometimes easily suppressed. 


Trauma is the response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event (or series of events) that overwhelms an individuals ability to cope, causes feelings of helplessness, diminishes ones sense of self and the ability to feel the full range of emotions. It is my priority to first work with my clients in the area of safety and stabilization. If an individual isn't in a place to be able to regulate their emotions surrounding an event, it is counteractive to work through processing it. Once we have worked together to access techniques to ground and stay within a safe emotional window - we will work together to process the experience in a way that allows for healthy coping mechanisms to emerge while transitioning into post-traumatic growth. 


Whether you are thinking about a career change or if you are heading back into the work force, it can be an uncomfortable transition. There are many things to consider when making such decisions and having a space to be able to explore your ideas or apprehensions in a confidential setting can lessen the anxieties that might surface. Through assessments and working toward recognition of transferrable skills, having someone to actively listen can make the process of discovery less burdening. Together we can work through the fear of change, allowing for healthy and concise decision-making to come to fruition. 

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